Help with CD-R and Audio CD's



I am trying to burn an audio cd which is approx 77 mins long onto a 80 min cd.I have done it twice now (Using WinOnCD 3.7 PE) and both times the burning has stopped 30-40 secs before the end of the last track.(the program just hangs) I have already flash upgraded my Mitsumi CR 4801 CD-recorder to reconize 80 min cd's (and have had no trouble in the past writing data to a larger cd. I have also tried Nero to burn the same audio cd, but it failed after writing the 1st track (although it went through the simulation ok). I would also like to eliminate the 2 second gap between tracks - how is it done and which is the best software to do this? Many thanks in advance for any replies


From what you are saying, i think you copy the cd on the fly.
You better try to make an image with nero, and then it should work.

The 2 seconds gap you can eliminate by burning DAO (Disc at once) are make a image file.


Use Easy CD Creator 4. Put the “original” in your reader. A cd-r in your burner and copy the cd at disc-at-once. Should work perfectly…


Tha Sentinel