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Hi, I just got the i965 and trying to work out how to print on the hub (middle of cd) I’m using cd-labelprint and it wont let me make the circle any smaller when i’m setting it up. any suggestions?


Here is what you need to know.I found the following info when I was doing a search a while back.All I have done is setup a couple of different Reg files and it makes it easy to change from one setting to the other.
There is a bug in the CD printing application though, ironically the same as
the Epson PrintCD application. It states the inner diameter can not be less
than 17mm, however you can only adjust the inner diameter up and down 10mm
from the default 43mm, making the minimum diameter usable through this
interface 33mm. As I need down to 20mm with my stock of Pioneer media, I
found the solution is the same as with the Epson. You have to modify the
registry manually:

The key to change is:
just.Standard CD (12cm)]

Change the “Inner” value to the number of mm times 10, use negative for
smaller. Its relative to 43mm. For example, to adjust 23mm smaller (giving
20mm bore) change: “Inner” to -230.

Then in CD-Label, open the “Adjust Circle Size”, then select ok (don’t
change anything). Change made! This does not work with the Outer diameter.

Regards Gary


I use SureThing CD Labeler Deluxe 4 it will do that for Epson 960/R800/R300/R200/ not sure what printer you have never heard of i965


Is there any reason to not print all labels with a 23mm center, other then for looks?


I have a similar, but different, request. I recently purchased a Canon iP4000 printer wich ships with CD-LabelPrint.

I use SuperJewel cases but the templates for CD Jewel Case Print only seem to support standard jewel cases … where can I get / or how do I format/create for SuperJewel case size?

Is there alternative software I could use.

Thank you.


If you think about it the only reason to print labels for CD’s IS to make them look good and easy to find. As for the small hole centre - if you are using printable DVD/CD’s that have a full printable surface then you sure don’t want a big white patch in the middle.



This was the very reason I arrived at this forum! I tried it as soon as I read it and it worked perfectly. Great job and thank you!!



Really good work!
By the way, anyone know how many mm the verbatim full face hub print is inner circle?


Hey there.

Why all this bother ? none if this is really necesary, and yes u can set inner diameter to 17 mm.

Here is the EASY solution :

When in cd label print , do the following :

  1. Go to File menu , and press “Select paper…”

  2. When there, press the “New” tag on the bottom … then
    u get a new "label profile setup.

  3. Name it e.g Verbatim Fullface, set Inner diameter to 21 mm , and
    outer diameter to 118 (sadly it cant be anythin greater than 118 … but verbatim fullface shoud be 119 mm) so this is a problem i’m workin on myself.

  4. Now u can print fullface labels, without any tweaks. and yeah the +/- adjustments is max 10 mm on the selected profile… but when u make a new one , u never have to adjust (only if u use different discs… just make a workin profile for every disc)

Hope this helps out more.

But if anyone know how to get the app to print 119 mm outer size, THAT would be very helpful…

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I’m using Verbatim Photo Printable and the size is 119, but the application doesn’t support it. Is there another way?


Thanks guys for this great posts :slight_smile:


I use Verbatim and Imation full face printable and I was using cd label print with my IP400 but I didnt like the “ring of confidence” (white bit :smiley: ) around the outside.
So I made a template in coreldraw - using 119mm as the outside dimension and 17.5 - 19mm for the inside (varies on brand used). Which can be adjusted for scanned labels sometimes up to 24mm.

I always look for the “custom” made labels when downloading - or I make my own - as that eliminates having a white circle around the centre.


Ummmmmmmmmmm sorry that should be 20.9mm - 22mm


anyone come up with a solution to adjusting the outer edge to 119mm instead of 118mm, just got some of these discs myself and found out the problem.


EPSON R210 allows inner diameter of 20 and the outer 120 so I don’t have any problem printing disc labels.


Sorry for the late reply - 22mm it is

If you want to be sure get a “Electronic Digital Caliper” from DSE’s


Yes: or :slight_smile:

#18 is the newer frontpage.


How is that the solution?


Go to this page: and click on the [B]119mm template for Nero[/B]

Nero Cover Designer comes free with Nero.