Help with CD DVD Speed!

Hi guys.
I have Nero 6 installed and recently I have downloaded the cd dvd speed application program file version 4.01.

But all the tests are going fine except the quality test - when I press start it says: initialization error or somthing like that.

I run the file from a random folder - I have even overwritten the older cd dvd speed in the nero folder but - same results.

Can you guys tell me what I am doing wrong and how can I run the Quality test?


what type of disc are you trying to scan ? i know that the error you get will appear if i try sacanning a cd extra/multimedia cd. guess it occurs with other types of discs also

DVD disc.

Your drive is probably not supported. What drive are you using for doing the scan? Some can not report back C1/C2 and/or PI/PIF errors, they just can not do it.

For a list of compatible hardware you can visit this page

My drive is Plextor PX-716A with Firmware 1.08

Plextor drives are not supported as you can see in the link provided. Alternatively you can use Plextools for scanning the media you burn - the program is provided with retail packages of the 716A.

Thanks guys,