Help with CD Clone



I have been using CD Clone for many weeks with no problems when last week it decided to stop working!!!

I have tried downloading and re-installing and it gets stuck at 1%. I took my computer to get looked at and £50 later they informed me they had fixed the problem using NERO, I took it home and tried burning DVD’s with CD Clone and it still isn’t working. Any help anyone can give me will help enormously.


See the above - did you uninstall the way above or thought windows add/remove programs?

Do you mean is gets stuck while installing or while copying?


Yes we did install through windows using the add/remove and it does get stuck while copying.


follow the links I gave above to uninstall - and then reinstall - not throught windows add/remove programs - make sure you have the latest version from and also make sure you reboot after uninstall and after reinstall. What is your burner? Is the firmware upto date? What media are you using? Does it get ‘stuck’ while you are burning the copy or reading the original? Sorry for all the questions but it will help people get your CloneCD working again.


Hi, uninstalled and then reinstalled rebooting each time as suggested no change. We are using Sony DVD-Rom DDU1612 and DVD RW DW-U10A with Datawrite Titanium. Also the little image of the sheep in the startup tray is black and white when it used to be yellow does this mean anything???


I am very new at this kinda help i have just down loaded CloneCD and want to copy A CD but can’t seem to get started at all. Is there somewhere where I can get step by step from the very first use of CloneCD on the net. Please help thank you…


The CloneCD help file is very good actually - just start up CloneCD and click on help - it gives you a pretty good starting point.

p.s. welcome to the forum!!


Hey Everybody I was a little worried if this form of Help would work, I’m here to say a Big Thank you to all that took there time, and helped a newbie stand up and walk. With all the info from here I was able to make my first Cloned CD. (It may not be a big deal to most of you, but it was huge to me) Thanks agian, And I was directed to a Fourm that has screenshots and step by step directions. For using CloneCD for the frist time user.
its at very good for the newbie.
thanks agian … peace …