Help with CD burning problem

Yesyerday i replaced my Memorex Twelve Maxx 1032 cd burner with a NEC 2500A cd/dvd burner.
It came with no software ETC but i managed to install it ok.
I set it up on Cable Select spades on the back as with previous burner.
It rips/saves cds great to folders on my desktop,but i cannot seem to burn them.
I use Nero 5 as before, but it does not show a burn speed or recognise a blank disc. I guess its not reading correct ?
Do i need to install something else ?
This is my first DVD writer so i must be missing something for sure.
I use a Dell Dimension computer with XP.
Properties say it is working properly though.
All help appreciated

Your drive might actually require the right software in order for everything to actually work. When I got my first dvd burner, it was an nec that came with no software whatsoever. I was able to use my windows cd burning as a way to save files to my cd but was restricted to using software. You might want to check on your manufacturers website for compatibility versions with your drive to see what software brand names work with your drive and which ones don’t. If your able to save and rip stuff onto cd’s, your drive works, you just haven’t found software that recognizes your drive yet.

Could be that you need a more current version of Nero or something else. May I suggest that you try Ashampoo-free trial-Burning Studio 6. It supports almost every drive currently on the market.