Help with buying 80-wire IDE cable for 1620pro

Hi there

I have just installed a new 1620pro and have realised I need an 80wire IDE cable to use it at 16x, but have only 40wire at the moment. I’ve looked in some computer stores and I found one by Belkin that said on the box it had ‘40 data wires and 40 grounding wires’ – is that the right sort?

Thanks everyone!


You are welcome

Yep, that looks to be the right one… :wink: They are sometime also named as 66/100/133 ATA IDE-cable or just simply 80 conductor cable.

Every second wire (conductor) is grounded to prevent data streams to “interfere” with each others.
Post back if you want a more technical explanation.

BTW, I still use a 40 conductor IDE-cable and have no problem to burn at 16x. :cool:

40 wire cable must be fine, as long as the cable is within the spec.