Help with burning Warcraft 3:Reign of Chaos v1.0.0

Hello guys,

I am new here, and I have no idea how to burn any type of game. I lost my CD for this game about 2 weeks ago, and I decided I wanted to play it again, and I have nooo clue how to burn it, or what program to use, or anything about files… So I was just asking if anyone could please help me in the process of trying to burn this game… Thank you very much.

I would really appreciate if anyone could help me with this… thanks !

Well unless you have the cd you cant burn it. Google “No-Cd” and you might find somthing that could help you. If you have all the contents of the game on your drive, then you might be able to burn all the files.

Is there like no program where I can’t just burn it all and then use that as a CD? Also, I read that you can play games that use a cd, but you can play them without using a cd somehow… anyone know how that’d work? But first I’d like to see how I could possibly burn a cd, what program, what do I do and stuff… ?? Thanks.

Nero, but that whould only be like putting what is on your hardrive onto disc which is pointless, cause it is not the REAL cd. In order for you to run the game it requires a disc not what is on you hard drive. Once again you need to google “No-Cd Warcraft Region of Choas” or somthing of that mattter. Then you whouldnt need the cd.

kk I was just makin sure, but ty vm for the info. Much appreciated!

how do so many people just LOSE a game CD…??? :rolleyes:

as for your question reading between the lines here per se…the rules state here that Illegal copies are prohibited…

my suggestion to you is go buy the game (again if you really did own it in the first place)
make a back up copy(which is legal) and store it somewhere away from your orginal…

I lost my CD, I can’t find it anywhere. So I decided too look for answers on being able to still play it… yeah not many people just Lose there CD, but some do, and probably people come here to find out what to do, so it may seem like a lot. Yeah I’ve never backed barely anything up, maybe I should start.

we learn the hard way…

I lost a lot of important documents when i had to reformat…now i KNOW to back all important programs…and documents up FIRST…

good luck finding what you need…

i didn’t mean to come off as a smartArse…just do a search and you’ll see many people say they lost their cd and want to know how to copy one…and so on in this forum…which could get the owners in big legal trouble…so thats why most pounce on questions like I need a copy of this game or dvd or so…

Hey, that’s okay. well I’m trying to find out what I need to do now, hopefully it works. Thanks.

That’s about as far as we can go with this one, folks. As S_S nicely pointed out, we don’t allow discussions on how to acquire illegal copies of commercial games, nor ‘No CD’ cracks that alter the program files.

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