Help with burning using 99 minute cdrs

I have been trying for a while to burn vcds on oversize disks with no success. I have altered the settings in Preferences which relate to the length of time and there has been no problems. It accepts the file in question and happily starts to encode (latest nero!) but will then inform later that the disk was aborted by user

Can anyone please help me?:bow:

Is it only (S)VCD creating that is the problem? It works ok when writing normal data up to 99min?

Remember that you must select disc at once write mode…

No I have tried to burn more than 750mb on several occasions but no joy:bow: :bow: :bow:

Hi there, I use Infinti 99mins cd’s to burn to using Nero. You need to go to expert features and enable overburn features.

If your having problems with file sizes for mpegs try using TMPGenc, use the merge and cut function to get the correct sizes to burn to on cd.

Hope that helps!

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PS I burn with the 32123s drive with no problem

FIRST OF ALL, PLEASE NOTE that 90 and 99 minute media will only be seen by the system as 80 minute disks, no matter what make or model of burner you have, but Nero will burn it to the 90 or 99 minutes, so don’t think your drive doesn’t support them just because they only show as 79 minutes 59 seconds.

You need proper 90 or 99 minute media. With the exception of Infiniti 80+, (which are actually 99 minute media) 74 or 80 minute media will NOT overburn to 90 or 99 minutes, and 90 minute media will not overburn to 99 minutes unless the disk manufacturer specifically state otherwise.

In Nero, go into the “file” menu and select “preferences” and “Expert Features” and enable overburn in DAO mode. Then set the maximum disk size to 89 minutes 58 seconds 0 frames for 90 minute disks, or 98 minutes 58 seconds 0 frames for 99 minute disks.

I recommend that you don’t burn the data directly to the CDR. Create an image first.

When you select burn, if you see on the burning screen a box “Close Wizard”, click on it and you will get the standard burn screen. The Wizard tends to stop you from selecting the correct mode and can stop you from burning 90/99 minute disks.

Select DAO mode for burning, then burn at preferably 8x (or less if your burner supports it) although you may have luck at higher speeds.
Nero will almost certainly put up a message saying the disk does not have enough space, then another one should pop up and should give you the option to cancel or continue using DAO overburn. Select continue using overburn option.

You MUST burn in DAO mode for 90 and 99 minute disks as you are overburning, which is not possible in TAO mode.

You cannot overburn using multisession as this uses TAO mode, so multisession will only allow 74 minutes on 74 minute disks and 80 minutes on 80 minute disks. You cannot burn 90 or 99 minutes using multisession at all.

I must emphasise that you must specify No Multisession and also select Finalise Disk. The disk MUST be burned in DAO mode.

ONE MORE POINT TO NOTE: Many CDRom/DVDRom drives, along with many home DVD players and car/home/portable audio CD or MP3 CD players will NOT read 90 and 99 minutes,and some wont even read the disks at all.

I have finally been able to burn using 99min Infinfiti disks. I had been using the wizard in Nero (latest version) and once I’d done it the hard way I was able to set DAO and since then 100% success. Thanks :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:

Originally posted by Mender
Many CDRom/DVDRom drives, along with many home DVD players and car/home/portable audio CD or MP3 CD players will NOT read 90 and 99 minutes,and some wont even read the disks at all.

Really? That’s very disapointing, as I’ve been planning on buying some of these when I get my current stockpile of 80 min disks gets somewhat depleted. The article at Toms Hardware leads one to believe that MOST players have no problems with them.

A number of newer players will handle them, but some still don’t. I know that lots of older players won’t even read them at all as the lasers can’t focus properly on the narrower and closer packed track, and many older ones that can actually focus on them were only designed to read up to about 82 minutes and will fail at around that point on the disk.

Darrin, taken from the article you linked to:

If music has been burned as an audio CD, it can be played back in virtually any CD player. We played back several test CDs, all of which held more then 90 minutes of music, and we tested them in several car stereos as well as in home CD players. The result? Practically all of the devices were able to play back the CDs. Problems only occurred once the player reached the external regions on the disc. This is a tough nut that car stereos find particularly hard to crack. We encountered the least number of problems with CD drives on PC systems. They had no difficulties playing back 100 minutes of music perfectly. Playing back oversized CDs is child’s play for some of the high-end home stereo systems, too.

As I said, many players that can read them fail towards the end of the disk. You would need a very modern reasonably high-end system to read them successfully right to the end - try before you buy in the answer.

Originally posted by Mender
Darrin, taken from the article you linked to:

Yeah, I saw that, but had a hard time quantifying it the way they worded it. “Problems only occurred once the player reached the external regions on the disc.”… OK, but how often did those problems occur? The title on that page: “Conclusion: CDs With 100 Minutes of Music Can Be Used Anywhere” is also a bit misleading if the fact is that they can’t actually play the extended portion. The changer in my car looks a LOT like the top one on this page, so I’m hopeful that they will work in mine. In the earlier article at Tom’s, it seems that many players are good with 90 minute blanks, but 99 is more problematic. I think it’s great they are doing these tests, but I wish the results were more clearly communicated. :confused:

If nothing else, I guess they’d be useful for burning divx discs.

EDIT: even the pix of the changer are a bit confusing… at first it looks like they are testing two different changers, the top one working successfully, and the bottom one not, but I’m thinking now it’s all the same car. I have an A4, which has the identical looking changer in the trunk. The dash shown lower on that page LOOKS like a higher end Audi (A6 or A8?), as my car doesn’t have dual (driver/passenger) A/C controls, but the overall look of the controls is very Audi-like. Guess I’ll just have to do as you say, and try it out msyelf. :cool:

HI LlwydOwain, glad you managed to do what you wanted to do.

Are you creating VCD’s from an external source ie capture program or from DVD etc.

If so, I have been recently using TMPGenc Plus with the KVCD template which allows you record 120mins onto a 80min CD. I’ve tried it myself and I got a 2gb avi file down to under 800mb or so.

I also use 99min cd’s but I thought I would give this a tryout. The only snag is that this template may not be compatible with all DVD players. It’s available in a PAL or NTSC format whichever you prefer.

Post me if your interested, the software is freeware.

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Even ordinary VCDs are having somewhat weird behavious these days, many have oversized disc so that I suspect with some older mode 1 VCD drive, the compatibility is in doubt. I can remember ‘Vanilla Sky’ is 737MB in a disc, and the largest one I seen was 746MB, jesus! :wink: :Z