Help with burning to data to dvd

recently i have been unable to burn data of any kind mp3s,mp4s etc to dvd like i normally do, i can normally burn anything with my combo of dvdany, dvdshrink and nero 7, but recently whenever i try to load a dvd and add files to a burn list on nero the program automatically stops responding i tried it with other software too like cheetah burner and that does exactly the same it stops responding as soon as you put a dvd in the drive and i actually have to use the end now option to get if off the screen but i can still burn cds okay so i am confused? i am happy to buy a new dvd burner as long as it fixes the problem but im not sure if it is that or something else, please help.

also i guess it helps to know the drive does still play dvds too so i guess that means the lasers ok, which is why i think its not the actual burner causing the problem.

Some thing must has happen with your system recently that might be hard to find out, you can use Windows “Restore” function and pull back your system status few day or few weeks back before you got this problem and that would resolve you difficulty.

yeah that would of been a good idea would rather not do that now though as iv had other software installed since then. Any other ideas?