Help with burning "The squid and the whale"



Hello all, I am a newbie on the forums here but have been a long time user of Any DVD and clone dvd 2, they work awesome and I have recommended them to others often. My problem is when I am trying to burn a copy of the Jeff Dabiels movie, “The squid and the Whale”. I am using AnyDVD version and I am using Clone DVD version It will read the moviw till it is at 99% done then an error pop up from clone dvd comes up and reads, unexpected error, please be sure all input files are correct or that you are using a properly mastered DVD, more details are: CloneIFO 5 TCE
Any help on how to get around this problem would be appreciated!


since you didn’t say if you dragged and dropped this to the hdd or used the anydvd ripper (right clicked on the fox in the taskbar and click rip video-dvd to hdd). try one then the other to see if it works.


No I did not use the any DVD ripper, I used anydvd to clear the protection, but used clone DVd 2 to try and read and burn a copy. Only when it gets near the end of reading the movie, 99%, does the error occur.


That happened to me several times & it was dirty or deep scratch.


or bad media…use ty’s or verbatim


ok, got it to work. I used the AnyDVD ripper to put it on the hard drive, then used clone DVD2 to burn it to a disk. All worked good, the only thing I don’t like about the AnyDVD ripper is that it leaves the movie on the computer, where as the clone DVd deletes the file when it’s done.


anydvd has to leave it on there or you’d rip it then have nothing to work with in clonedvd2.

just manually deleting it isn’t that big of a deal. 2 clicks and it’s gone


thats true, but it’s just more steps in a process that should be easier! Not a big deal though.