Help with burning PS2 backups with alcohol

Can anyone help me with the proper way to backup PS2 games with alcohol 120% on my mod chipped system. I have wasted 7 discs so far. None have worked. I’m using alcohol version 1.9.2. My burner is an HP 630i and I tried using Memorex 8x DVD-r discs.

Brand of Disc is really important, other than that read the link in my signature:)

What brand should I use with my DVD burner (HP 630c)

I would recommend Taiyo Yuden, Verbatim, or TDK, do a search or check the media forum for other options. Memorex constantly change manufacturers so are inconsistent.

Just use Nero, it works for me.

As simple as copy disc is enough. It doesnt matter if it is a cd or dvd.

thanks for your help!

I tried using nero and lost three discs! Maybe these memorex discs just aren’t working. I keep thinking that it’s my burner? I also lost three discs with Alcohol!?

Then I think that you should try with some new disc before giving up hope. It sounds like that´s your problem. :eek:

Have you ever had any backups work on your current consol as maybethe chip is not correctly installed…
Do you have access to another chipped consol to try them on just in case…