Help with Burning Please!

thwapy said"So what your saying is I have bought 25 Verbatim Discs and they are not suitable for my recorder… Boll*cks ! Really??
not saying anything ,just suggested reading link…just trying to help is all…good luck!..

I was not upset with you t0nee1 !!! Just pee’d off I’d wasted some more blank DVD’s.

Ok after much discussion on this thread, along with another thread I had started on really slow dvd to ipod conversion…

I am gonna buy a new PC!!! I have a laptop at the moment. However this time I’m going to go for a desktop to stick in the bedroom. The wife has insisted if we get a new pc then it has to have a screen big enough to watch DVD’s/telly in bed at night… :wink:

Suggestions for a good base for a home PC would be most welcome. Oh and I’m based in the UK so specs might be far more expensive over here.

Biggest questions are:

Intel or AMD
I know bigger is better for Hard Drive and RAM, but any suggestions
Is VISTA any good or do I stick with XP, I have heard you need a massive amount of memory for vista to run well…

Any any other top tips !

I am thinking of DELL …


No prob. thwapy, I knew you weren’t pee’d off at me buddy, good luck with your new PC… :slight_smile:

Count yourself lucky. I could barely get a TV approved for the bedroom.

Suggestions for a good base for a home PC would be most welcome. Oh and I’m based in the UK so specs might be far more expensive over here.
Thwapy, yours is the 4th or 5th post I’ve read, including a note from friend and fellow DVDFab user Clive in South Wales that said PC components were hellishly expensive in the UK. Why is that? Is it an exchange rate thing, or an excise tax of some sort? Just wondering.
My thoughts on your new PC: If you can stay within budget, Intel Core 2 Duo, 2GB RAM, XP. Let the early adopters work the bugs out of Vista.:slight_smile:

Let’s just say I like to call it ‘Rip off Britain’. Mate I have no idea why things are so much more over here, but it does p*ss me off.

Just as an example, Apple, bless them…ipod games to buy on itunes… about $3 in the USA, £3.99 or around $8 over here!!! WHY?? Because they can!

As for the new pc…

Going for Intel Core 2 Duo, 2GB RAM, 22" LCD, all with DELL, does anyone know what the dvd writer that comes with the DELL will be like, will I finally be able to back up my DVD’s…!!

I sit and hope!!

Well, mate good luck. Your machine will be a screamer and I hope it serves you well. It will probably come loaded with all sorts of conflict-generating software which you’ll need to uninstall, and I think it was Dell who one poster reported shipped his unit with DMA disabled in the BIOS. Let that be the first thing you check! Good luck and remember you will always have lots of help here in the forum from your fellow DVDFab users.

Thanks for that! I already have PC-Decrapifier lined up ready to take the crap off it !! Unless anyone can recommend anything better? I will also check the DMA as after going to all the trouble of getting a new computer I would actually like to be able to burn some DVD’s !!!

Does DVD Fab work ok with VISTA??

Hey Thwapy,

Nothing against dell, etc., etc., but with any of the major retailers you’ll get your share of crap with it for sure, as signals said. Lottsa folks build their own custom rigs because of this and to have complete control over what goes in. Vista has had its share of problems and more, but many ppl. have Fab working just fine, both in 32 and 64 bit rigs. Personally (and this is just me), I will stay away from Vista for some time to come, may end up with Linux and maybe dual boot, we’'ll see.

Not sure of your level of knowledge and comfort, but anther possibility is a “barebones” or barebones + rig.

Take a look at:

You can modify to any case, cpu…Intel or AMD, os, etc…

I know you said you’re in the UK. You may want to post in Hardware or the Newbie section and mention what you want in a new rig. There are plenty of folks around…Like [B]Arachne[/B] (one of the mods from the UK) who will be a great help to you.

Good luck and enjoy your new rig. I think a new one is a wise choice for you… :wink:

Are you using a DVD-Burner or a CD-Burner ? I may have overlooked it… but I did not see a DVD-RW drive listed in your log. DVD-ROM, DVD-RW, CD-RW are all different things.

As a new Vista user, I can say YES as long as it is a 32 bit system…64 bit system will give you trouble

Hi Psycho6, yes it comes with a 16X DVD+/-RW Drive. Dual layer.

Is it worth getting a second drive? I know alot of people have a second drive, what are the benefits??

I was thinking of this:

Samsung SH-S183 SATA 18x DVD±RW/RAM Black - Bare drive OEM

Any good?

I am getting 32 bit Vista.

Does anyone know anything about TV cards? I want to be able to plug my sky box into the computer and have a remote, nothing too fancy, any suggestions?


Well the Samsung 182 is a fine burner and if I was buying a SATA drive I’d give that Samsung a try.

The problem with the drives that Dell supply is that often that while the drive might be , say, a NEC it’ll come with a Dell firmware & Dell aren’t too hot on firmware updates. So another non-Dell supplied drive makes a lot of sense.

A friend of mine recently bought a Dell laptop with Vista. It has 1GB of memory but Dell have pre-installed so much crap on it that there are 80 processes running and only 250MB of memory free.

[B]I have heard they put loads of crap on their machines, I will run pcdecrapifier, any other suggestions to get rid of crap they put on??[/B]


Don’t forget to check the BIOS settings for DMA=enabled.

SATA = neater cabling, not forgetting that many new motherboards have only 1 IDE controller (if that).
OEM = bare drive with no software , screws , cables etc.

There’s a preview of the 183 here

How do I check if the motherboard has enough room, are both as easy to fit as each other? I take it if I get a OEM i have to buy everything extra, do I have to do the same with the SATA.

Is there an idiots guide somewhere?