Help With Burning Please?


I have just bought a Sony AW-170AWG DVD writer ( I have installed it as my slave drive and tried to split and burn a DVD from my secondary Hard Drive (DVD9 to 2 DVD5’s). It manages to split it ok, but when it comes to burning, it only goes on for about 5 seconds, then says there has been a problem writing and gives me the code:

Error code 116 .

I am using the DVDFab Platinum Beta

I am using the following media :

Infiniti DVD-R (16x Max Speed)

Any help in solving this problem would be appreciated.



Burners work best when they are Master. I have a DVD-ROM as slave on secondary ide channel with Burner on same as Master. 2 HDs on primary ide. That way there is less chance of a conflict as both channels do not have drives competing for resources on the same channel. I use 80 pin cables, but choose to set the master and slave myself instead of using cable select.


right ok i shall give that a try and report back.

Any other suggestiions are welcom :smiley:



right ive switched the burner to primary and am now trying to burn a split DVD. Will let you know how it goes …

Just to mention aswell, i bought the DVD writer as an OEM product, is there any firmware / drivers updates that i need / possibly could get for it ?



hmm ,

Switching the drives from secondary to primary didnt work

I am still getting the Error 116 :confused:

Any ideas

Its really annoying


Check the Liteon site for OEM FW as they make the Sony drives. check this site for success rates using VSO burning engine:

This site has media information download one of the DVD Identifiers and post the identified information also CD Speed can be found in maineman’s signature and other sections on CDFreaks:

Media is one of the top causes of burning failures. I have never heard of this media. The only media that you can be sure is 1st class by brand name is Verbatim.

Also post name of movie.


I googled this media and found a positive review on this media on CDR Zone. They use same dye as Verrbatim, but Liteon burners needed to be ran at slower speeds. I would try 4X or 8X and test the burn. Since this is a new release I would believe the FW is up to date.

Media name: Infiniti Samurai 16x DVD-R
Brand: Infiniti
Manufacturer: Mitsubishi® Kagaku Media
Made in: Taiwan
Media ID Code: MCC03RG20
Media Type: DVD-R
Rated speed: 16x
Max. storage capacity: 4.7GB
Writing surface colour (dye): Purple
Top surface colour: Azure Blue, Heather Lilac, LavaRed, Savanna Green and Sunset Yellow
Printable top surface? No



There’s nothing to suggest that Liteon burners need to burn slow, but really that’s really irrelevant as I think you’ll find that the [B]Sony is actually a NEC/Optiarc burner[/B] rather than Liteon.

The Infiniti brand is good , certainly the 16x +R media is top class. There should be no need to burn this media slower than 12x.

This was what CDR Zone found when they tested Infiniti Samurai 16x DVD-R media. that was one of the negatives for Liteon drives. Any Idea when Sony changed from Liteon to NEC/Optiarc burner? I know Liteon has purchased BenQ recently per CDFreaks Bargain thread, and on hardware page lists Liteon\Sony as same burner but have not found any listed that where over 16X. I need to find a liteon 16X to keep as a spare to replace the burner in my Standalone LVW 5005 if it goes bad.


Hey Guys

After pondering the situation i decided to test different variables, i tested the drive on my friends computer and it burnt fine, so i decided to replace my IDE cable and voila… it now writes DVDs successfully again

Thanks for all your suggestions :smiley: