Help With Burning! New User!



When i burn information to non-rewritable cd’s i can only play them on my computer, not hifi’s downstairs. Is it to do with the cd options i am given before burning? either (ISO) (UDF) OR (ISO/UDF)


What software are you using? Are you closing the disc? CDBurnerXP and DeepBurner are both free and work well for basic stuff. Good Luck.


plextools professional that come with my PX-712A burner


Try using Nero or EAC or a multitude of other available programs, and see if the problem still remains… If not, it may be a program problem, or as simple as a setting or option that you need to change.


Of the free CD burning software I like Burrrn for audio CD’s. It’ll take in wav & mp3 files & probably others too.


you may also wanna use mp3gain if your burning from mp3s its best for normalizing (making volume of all files equal)