Help with burning movies

:confused: someone please help me. i am new to this site. everytime i try and burn a movie my computer says that it was successful, but when i try and play it in a dvd player the player cant read it. could anyone tell me what i can do? :confused:

you must provide a LOT mor einformation if you expect help.

burner model?
burner firmware?
system information?
what disc are you backing up?
what programs are you using?
what versions of these programs?
what type of media are you backing up to?
what is the rated speed?
what speed did you burn at?
what is the type and model of the device youโ€™re playing it back on?
will it play back on your computer?

please provide more information so forum members can assist you. just saying โ€œmy dvds wonโ€™t playโ€ does not provide adequate information.

A short answer is not all players will play all media.

There could be a few different factors. Check out this guide to make sure you use the right burning software and burn everything the right way.

Guide to Burning Movies:

Good luck, email me with any questions.

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