Help with burning DVD needed please!



I need some help with burning dvd’s. My system is a Phillips cd/dvd burner. I an not able to burn any video’s. I always get a device error message. I tried support, but that was’nt helpful. I tried different dvd rwdisk and that didnt work. Can any body help me with this. I just purchased a refurbished dell latitude d600, shouldn’t it be user ready.


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Presumably this is an external burner and connected by USB?


No, it is enternal dvd player that came with my laptop. I used old software that I had from my previous dell. The software is sonic record now 5.0.


Can you please post the brand and model of your burner.
Use Nero InfoTool to learn all details about your burner.

ImgBurn is a great software (free) for burning videos.


It is a Phillips CDRW/DVD cdd5263 and I am running Sonic Recoerd Now 5.0


Think this is a CD/CD-RW burner only. It only [I]reads[/I] DVD’s, sorry.

Get an external DVD burner to connect to your USB-2 port, example.


Thank you very much, the information you provided was very helpful. I realize now that I was trying to burn a video from my camera on a DVD disk, and you are right I don’t have a DVD burner. Blonde moment! Thanks again, it was driving me crazy.