Help With Burning Data Disc For Divx DVD Player (Philips BDP9000)



[qanda]This thread is about the Philips BDP9000. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Hi! Im new, my name is steve and my user name is smanchac.

If anyone could help me out, i would appericiate it. I have a Philips HTS6500 system, which works and sounds great. It has the capability to play divx movies, and thats really great. So, i take a CDR, which holds 700mb and burn just about anything i want.

Then i ran into a problem. Ive used windows media player. nero, divx it self and now i am going to try power iso to make the discs. Every movie i make seems to work fine until between 12 and 20 minutes, it freezes. Its almost like its trying to skip to the next chapter, as if the programs im using are making chapters or check points them self. Sometimes, i can skip it to the next chapter when it freezes (which sucks because between 15 and 30 min of the first part of the movie is where most of the plot is) but other times it just freezes and doesnt work at all.

A friend told me he had a 45 dollar dvd player from walmart that worked just fine, that if you use a dvd you can put up to 6 movies on one dvd data disc and all should work, and that did not work at all.l

Any help would be appericiated. All i want to do is download and burn to watch on my big screen, but its just so frustrating when i get it to work then they all freeze. Any help is appericiated.

Feel free to email me or reply here. Again, thanks in advance!


Hi Smanchac and WC,I don’t use Ner0 but, are you burning DVD as data disc?
I use IMGBurn to burn avi’s/xvid, divx to DVD disc,just burn them as data in build mode
What media are you using? perhaps that’s the issue…What speed are you burning them?Can you post a ner0 burn log?
Are the original files ok and do they play properly before burning??


I am using nero to burn CDRS not dvds. Ive used numerous data burning software, and some play fine (for example, the new indiana jones) worked just fine, but, most others freeze at the same point. I have been burning slower, and, the one i made i used power iso and made a standard data disc and it worked fine.

any other ideas? again, the discs do work, but usually freeze anywhere between 12 and 25 minutes in, as if its trying to skip to the next chapter, when their shouldnt be any chapters because its burned as a data disc, and somtimes i can hit next on the remote and it skips to about 30 minutes in, and if it does skip ahead, it almost always works the rest of the way through with no problem. But if im watching a movie ive never seen, to have to skip from 12 minutes in to 30 minutes in really ruins the plot.

Should i convert the avi files to a divx file? is there a difference in the two? The dvd player is great, anything (like concerts etc) filmed in HD actually do upscale to 1080 hd and look crystal clear. Even wrestlemania 24, the offical dvd, not the blue ray disc, still upconverted to hd and i could hardly tell a difference in the two.

Other specs - im running a philips dvd player/receiver, with divx built in, with surround sound, hooked directly into my tv with an hdmi cord. Tv is 42 inch philips ambilight tv. computer is hp laptop and ive used windows media player, nero, divx and had the same problem with all. ive used power iso and had one not mess up but then the next one did.

Maybe dvd player? I sure hope not, i have no problems at all playing any real dvd, any burnt dvd, anything, just having this slight problem putting them onto cdrs and playing using nero