Help with burning audio to CD

Hi, by my question you can guess I’m new at this stuff.
iv’e made my own music tracks using various music generator programs and have burnt them to cd, the only problem is that when i play it back in windows media player it doesn’t recognize the tracks or the artist (me).
I have tried Nero 7 and adobe auditions2 but no luck. :o
this is driving me #%$^)(*&^%ing mad cause i can’t find the solution.

can anyone help.
regards Davenwolf.

Have you created an CDDA / AudioCD? Then you would need to use CD-TEXT.

i’m not sure wot ya mean. all i want is my cd to recognize the artist , title and tracks when put in windows media.i have clicked on the cd text option, named all my tracks and cd title and artist when burning and on the hardrive but no luck. this is really giving me the shits. it can’t be that bloody difficult. between adobe and nero i thought one would work,it gives me the options…ggrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Chef is meaning you haven’t told us what audio format the tracks are burned in (.cda, .wav, .mp3, etc).

k , they start out as wav but end up as cda once burnt
sorry for being so vague.

regards Dave

If you started with wav and got cda its ok concerning file format.
What you’re said above is that the player only reads whats in the disc, so when you build your project in Nero you have to use CD-TEXT and write the name of the disc, the name of the artist (yourself - sorry for kidding, but if it was myself I would say the author) and the names of each track.
Otherwise you can only get the music/sound.

i’m doing all that but it still does not read it.
but windows media player will read the title and artist direct from the hardrive.
when i put in cd-text it says some cd players will not read the text.
wots UPC/EAN ??? I am the author.

WMP won’t pick up CD-Text from a CD and only CD-Text compatible CD players (standalone) will do so.

If you want to ensure that CD-Text has been correctly written to the CD then try this link

thankyou very much :slight_smile:
have a great day

cool iv’e now got a way to see that my text is there but only if Iv’e got that program.
I did everything correct in the first place, like you said WMP won’t read it.
O.K. so how do the commercial dudes do it, cause if i put a cd for example Thin lizzy “live and Dangerous” its all there in WMP even the cd cover.
That’s what I would like to do with my CD “Hippie in a Disco”.
Am i asking too much from basic software.Is there software that can do that for me?
regards Davenwolf.

why would cds use barcodes?
this seems a very stupid question I know but It’s an option in Adobe Auditions 2 burning section.
Regards Davenwolf.

Why… because all goods have barcodes.


WMP performs a database request about the CD. Without an internet connection, WMP wouldn’t display anything.

That’s what I would like to do with my CD “Hippie in a Disco”.
Am i asking too much from basic software.Is there software that can do that for me?
If you were Sony/EMI/Warner, then your CD would also be part of that database.
You may submit the data of your CD to freedb (use ExactAudioCopy for that), to support other software players. WMP is not able to display CD Text, and it does not support freedb.

Or give Media Player Classic a try. This supports CD-Text.


I’m not sure about the way to get that info in WMP from the CD-Text and I’ve seen refs about no compatibility.
But, if your problem is to check if the info is there, try another player.
Here goes one (you have to tell it to read in the configuration) that is freeware and for sure is able to read CD-text discs.
Ask Google for link to Quintessential Player and try it.

WMP can’t read CD-Text. Instead, it submits a query to an internet database (CDDB or something else).
So, as you also suggested, another player is the best option.


Thanks to all that responded to my questions. :slight_smile:
i guess i’ll just have to be happy with what I’m doing.
At least I can now see that I’ve put text in my creation.
Also is there a Abobe Auditions 2 expert in here?
I can’t work out how to use the vocoder on sound files.

Once again thanks all :clap: