Help with burning Audio cd with nero 6



Hi, can some1 please help me…I have nero 6 and I’m trying to burn an audio cd using mp3 which is longer than the audio cd itself and everytime i click on burn it says it hasan’t got enough space please insert cd with more space.

Is there anything in nero 6 that will copy the cd and then ask you to enter a new cd after it has burned the 1st cd, like itunes does?


Unfortunately a mp3 will be considered as a single music track. So therefore if it’s longer than 80 minutes (current standard audio cd length, used to be 74 minutes) it will not burn.

I recommend converting the mp3 to wave file (winamp diskwriter plugin can do this for you) and edit the wave file to a more reasonable length.

If the mp3 is sorta like 81 minutes in length, you could also try overburning and/or use 99 minutes cd-r’s. You can enable this in Nero using the preferences setup in the menu.


Thanks for that I will have a go…