Help with burner and media

Hi all,

just got my NEC 3500AG and dupsonic media, and I’m slogging through this forum trying to figure this out.

My question? When I burn .avi files to a DVD, I can’t play them because winamp and media play both crash when I try and open them(runtime error)

I burn with nero and nero reports the burn was sucessfull. I burn at 8x, and was sucesfull once, but 5 disks faild when I tried to use them.

I tried KProbe to test my burns, but I think that tool only works on lite-on drives, but I tried anyway.

So, is there anyway I can use this media with this drive, or should I just scrap it and start over with new media? Is the media the problem, or is it something else?

NEC 3500ag
Nero 6.3.02 (Tried downloading the new version, but the website is down)
dupsonic 8x DVD-R
Windows 2000
AMD 3000+

I am new to dvd burning, but I am used to CD burning, where if the burn is sucessfull, everything is fine. It seems that does not hold in DVD burning, in that even if the burn is sucessfull(by nero report) the data can be corrupt. Is this a correct assumption?

Thanks for your help and patience,


Even though I’m logged in, I can’t edit, so I’ll follow up.

I tried all burn speeds, down to 2x, and even tried only 700mb on the DVD, still get the error. (Media players crash when I try and run the .avi from DVD - Xvid)

I tried to run Nero Quality test, but the “start” button is greyd out, so I can’t run that test.

I don’t think this is a media issue anymore, but something else. Maybe this is in the wrong forum now.

Any ideas, I appriciate it,



Looks like this was a codec problem, not a burner problem.

Mod can delete this post for my dumb ass.

Thanks for the help