Help with burn issue

I have had an issue with my burned DVD’s for some time now. I would copy the disk (AnyDVD and CloneDVD2, always the latest) without any errors, but during playback the picture would pixelate or freeze right near the end of the movie. While it didn’t happen all the time it did happen with longer movies > 100 minutes.

I had a Lite-On 16X writer and a Lite-On DVD and had used Memorex DVD+R media. I read the media was crap so I switched to Verbatim. Same issue, I slowed the burn speed to 8X, same issue.

So feed up, I sold the Lite-On and purchased an NEC DVD-RW 3550 and switch from Verbatim to Taiyo Yuden DVD+R. While I can burn fine at 16x, I’m still burning only at 8X in hopes of getting a perfect disk. I thought I had licked it but is seems to happen still, while not all the time enough do think there is something I should be doing to fix it. Again, more with longer movies. And if I try to copy the copy it fails during the reading of the disk and this was true with both the Lite-On and my new NEC writer. So it seems to me it is not the Sony player, maybe not the burner, but the software or the media. But I have read that both Verbatim(Japan) and Taiyo Yuden are as good as you get. But how can it be the software, as many folks use it quite successfully. So is it a driver issue?

Can some one recommend the Bullet proof configuration of Software and Hardware?

My DVD player is a late model Sony Changer (said to be compatible with almost any DVD format). I bought if for that very reason.

At one time I switched to DVD-R but it seemed I had more problems than the DVD+R.


So what

Then why not switching back to +R set the booktype to -ROM use TY media and everything should be fine. Honestly i guess it’s more your dvd player. You’ve done all correct using good media etc. But you can rule this out very easy, just try your backups in another dvd player maybe friend, uncle etc…to see how it behaves.

Change thbe custom size to 4500 or 4600…Appears your player is having trouble reding consistantly out near the edge of the disc…

I have the same issue, as original post. No problems with clone DVD unitl I updated AnyDVD 3 updates ago. Now I get glitches and and frozen frames towards the end of the DVD copy. Worse on longer films (Titanic). Have problems in Nero and CloneDVD. Same issue on both! Same media and burner! Burn at only 2X trying to get quality. Any help would be appreciated!


@ mclamais & ritzlovesbitz,

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Suggest viewing the below PC World article concerning the importance of current up to date DVD Burner Firmware.

If you are using the NEC ND-3550 DVD Burner suggest using the Liggy’s ND 3550 Bitsetting Firmware v1.06. (RPC1).

Have you ensured that you have curtailed all Multi-Tasking background operations while processing your Commercial DVD Movie Title backups? To ensure that all background operations are in fact curtailed check that all unnecessary programs are not automatically loaded during Window Startup. To check this suggest viewing the below Web Link that details how to use MSCONFIG to configure Windows Startup to load only necessary items. You will be surprised at all the unnecessary Memory and Resource wasting items that are automatically loaded during Windows Startup.

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I just bought the ND3550 yesterday & so far burned 20 disks without any problems using CloneDVD & Nero. I have been using ND3540A for a year & burned more than 500 disks mostly multiple copies from my video editing business. The minus side of this drive is after burning so many DVDs, now it can’t read & write CDs anymore.
The pixellating segments may be due to high compression when encoding the entire movie. Should encode only the main movie or burn to DL

Yes encoding just the main movie may be your best fix. Do you still have the liteon would love to see a krpobe scan of these disks, betting you have a big rise in PIFs at the end. Also, you said you bought Tayio Yuden 16x disks?? I havent seen any so cannot comment on them, not even sure if there are any available (maybe fakes). Try verbatim 16x you should not have issues with high pifs at the end of your disks.

@ tonistein,

Taiyo Yuden DVD-R and Taiyo Yuden DVD+R DVD Media have been available from Rima.Com ( for some time now.

Burning more than 500+ DVDs on a quality DVD Burner should not cause any degradation of the quality of DVDs burned on that DVD Burner nor should it cause any problems reading any Media. I have a NEC ND-3500 and have burned well over 500+ DVDs and had not noticed any degradation of the quality of DVDs burned on that DVD Burner and it will read all Media without any problems.

Are you sure that have the most current up to date Firmware available installed on your NEC ND-3540?

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I did not said I have problems after burning 500 DVD on my drive. I set this mileage on all my drives which I considered is well worth the money spent & I gave the drives to my friends & they are still in usage. My NEC ND3540A burned more than 500 DVD but I have yet to discard it because it still burns well but now it couldn’t read or write CD. My best writer is TDK880. After exceeding my mileage & given to my friend, he burned more than 200 more & is still working after more than 2 years.

No I sold the Lite-on

Acutally I had some 16x Verbatim and now I use 8x Tayio Yuden

Thanks, upgrade my drive to “Liggy’s ND 3550 Bitsetting Firmware v1.06. (RPC1)” and I used MSCONFIG to disable a few things. We’ll see how it goes. Thanks.