Help with Booktype! :) :) :) :)

i got a new LG dvd player, and i burned a few +R dvds and they dont work on my player, burned the same disk with my old HP and they worked. Tried a -R in the LG and works, so its the booktype i was told by another person.

PROBLEM: how do i change it? i use nero, roxio 8, and deep burner to burn these and i wanted to know how to change the booktype for LG permenantly.

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You can use Nero CD-DVD Speed (supplied with Nero) to set booktype (DVD-ROM).

Also in Nero, you can use change drive/options and select booktype DVD-ROM

Keep in mind, this will not work for +RW discs and that you need to set it each time you start the computer. There is no way to set LG drives for permanent booktyping.

Is there any way to change the booktype on a DVD+R DL that you have already burned?


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Too bad no: an already written disc can’t be changed.

Only rewritable discs allow this, but surely not a DL disc.