HELP with book setting with 3550

Hey guys
Just have no clue what’s going on but I do have problem recording to DVD+RW with Book set to DVD-ROM
The settings set to convert all DVD+ to DVD-ROM book type
When I record using Nero 6 it does say book type set to DVD-ROM
I also used Alcohol to record it
but when you check the recorded disk book is still DVD+RW

I’ve tried 106bt_orig and 1Y5_rpc1 the same result
please help!

Hi :slight_smile:
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Bitsetting is required for DVD+RW as well. This is done just before flashing. With the Binflash there’s a button marked Booktype. Click on this & you’ll see settings for DVD+R DVD+RW DVD+DL. Check settings & if necessary change.Then flash drive.

the thing is that it seems to me that I’ve the right setting
The permanent book type settings state that it’s
"dvd-rom (active)" both for DVD+R SL and DVD+RW

Hi :slight_smile:
Just read through your post again. Is it possible that Alcolhol is changing bitsetting. Not a program I use. I certainly don’t have problems with bitsetting my end.

Can you recomend another program to record with?

I have used the bitsetting firmware from L&D for my 3500 and 3520. Neither drive will work with setting +RW even though they are supposed to and even though I have tried setting a brand new +RW disc as has been suggested in the faq. I have given up on NEC drives for setting +RW and I just use DVDDcrypter to set the disc on my Liteon after the burn. You might be seeing the same thing.

I hope not :frowning:
I have 3540 and it works with bitsetting
Does that mean that the firmwares i used are not 100% accurate
Can you advise another one?

Not really. Mine worked for a while and then just quit. I’m not sure if older hacks were better or what. If your 3540 works, just use that and avoid updating the firmware. I found it was just easier to use one of my Liteons than to find out why my NECs were acting up. +R is the really important one anyway.