Help with Blu-ray Ripping



I just used AnyDVD HD and BD Rebuilder to backup my copy of Iron Man. I compressed it down to the BD-25 standard, the disc plays on my PS3 fine, and everything works great. Now, I want to take the original disc, or its iso and pull out just the main movie, and convert it to play on my PS3 on an external HDD. I’m hoping for somewhere around 10gb/movie. I have so many utilities now, I don’t know the best and most efficient way to get a playable video file from the Blu-ray.

Any help is greatly appreciated:)


I ‘think’ the PS3 will only recognize FAT32 formatted harddrive (internal or external) so you’re limited to around 4GB of filesize only.

I don’t know what most people use to convert m2ts to mkv etc but I think Ripbot264 can convert to mp4 and mkv and limit the size to whatever you want.


I tried ripping Wall-E with AnyDVD and I get the director commentary over the movie. I can’t figure out how to just get the movie so I can compress it down to go on my Ipod.

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