Help with blindread



i tested a game disk and i found it had safedisk on it so i used blindread to copy it
i used a plexwriter 8/20 to read and write it
it seemed to dump fine but when i went to write it,it would’nt get passed 99% it just sat there and wouldnt finish and close…i used cdrwin to write it…any help???

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Try Using fireburner instead…

Get it at


is fireburner better than blindread when a disk is a safedisk protected


Blind read enables you to dump a image from most copy protected games/apps.
CDRwin and fireburner are the programs that can burn a image dumped with blindread…image=ISO.

Some protections can not be read by blindread and not burned by cdrwin and fireburner…use cloneCD instead.


If your hardware is not fully supported by CloneCD your only alternative IS Blindread. There is a new beta out with a lot of cool features in it…
Blindread supports far more Hardware than cloneCD and the only copy protections it currently ( new beta can ) cannot copy is protections based on subchannel data i.e securom protection. These protection are rare compared to safedisc protections.