Help with Black Hawk Down




I searched the forum for an answer. Found 3 topics but could not destilate the answer.

I have an original version of the game Black hawk down from Novalogic. I want to make an backup because i don’t want it to dammage.

1: I made an copy with cdclone using the protectgame mode.
2: I made an image and after that i burned it to a cdr.
3: Then i installed the game using the cdr copy.

After that i register and did the update.

If i want to play and put the copy in the cdr drive nothing happens. When i put the original in the cdr drive i can play the game ???

Does anyone has a simpel manual how do make this backup??

Read that the protection used is:

BHD to prevent scratches, the game is protected by SecuRom New v4.84.69.0037 – thanks to CD Freaks and portmac for the identification of the protection.

So please help this NOOB :bow:


please go HERE