Help with bitsetting on NEC2500A



Sorry for the double post in Newbe forum :a This is where I want to ask.

I give up. I can’t find a single thread with straight forward info, so here I am, asking for help. How can I change the bitsetting / booktype for my dvd media?

I have the NEC 2500A DL-DVD/CD burner
Flashed to Herries 1.07v2 beta 5
Windows XP sp2
System ASPI is not installed (I have Enabled Nero ASPI via the Nero Infotool making no difference)
I have tried to change the bitsetting on DVD+RW and DVD+R media
I have tried to use Nero (Recorder>Choose Recorder>Options and no book type setting is available)
I have used DVDBitsetter.exe (says that I have an incompatable drive)
I have used WinBTypeV2.exe (says that no more changes are allowed)

What is up? According to all I have read here this should be working.
Any help please? Thanks.



Try GUI version of this >


OK, so what is this?
Firmware updates haven’t been a problem.

Thanks for the clarification.



Run the .exe and click booktype…see if you can change it.


OK so it seems to change the booktype to DVD-ROM, I get a message saying “booktype(s) changed”.

However after pressing OK the type in the drop down box reverts back to DVD+RW.
and a check shows that other programs still see the media as DVD+RW.

Any Idea what is going on?
Also note that it shows DVD+R DL shows “Not Supported”
What is going on? Isn’t firmware 107v2.b5 supposed to support DL and Bitsetting?
Do I have a bogus copy of firmware?
thanks Pairustwo


OK so I just flashed Mad Dog 2.F8 firmware to my drive.
Now binflash is able to change booktype to DVD-ROM for all three types of Media. Restarting binflash and rescaning shows that the setting is sticking.
Nero still sees the disk as DVD+RW but maybe the binflash changes the setting for the drive and changes the media at write time.

Was I wrong about herrie’s firmware supporting bitsetting and DL burning?


unless you fully erase the RW it will not change the booktype


also just of note it will only allow you to change the book type on a brand new disc. so if you are trying to change the book type on a +rw that you have already used then it wont.