Help with Bitsetting on NEC 2500A



I give up. I can’t find a single thread with straight forward info, so here I am, asking for help.

I have the NEC 2500A DL-DVD/CD burner
Flashed to Herries 1.07v2 beta 5
Windows XP sp2
System ASPI is not installed (I have Enabled Nero ASPI via the Nero Infotool making no difference)
I have tried to change the bitsetting on DVD+RW and DVD+R media
I have tried to use Nero (Recorder>Choose Recorder>Options and no book type setting is available)
I have used DVDBitsetter.exe (says that I have an incompatable drive
I have used WinBTypeV2.exe (says that no more changes are allowed)

What is up? According to all I have read here this should be working.
Any help please? Thanks.



Do it with DVDinfopro.