Help with .bin files, anyone?

im having major problems getting return to castle wolfenstein to work right and if someone can help me id really appriciate it.
ive tried downloading it from 2 different ftp`s and im getting basicly the same type of problem, corrupt files. the first time i downloaded it the game was in the form of the .bin and .cue files, which im not all that familliar with. im used to clone cd and nero and easy cd creator. none of those would work with the .bin and .cue files so i got cdr-win and win iso, all i could get were errors when trying to test burn these onto a cd-r. so i found the game on another ftp server, this time in the form of 53 files with a number extension like this for example “rzr-rtcw.053” and also another file with a .sfv extension. now ive tried to extract these with win rar and win ace but its not working and ive never delt with this type of archive file and i dont know what im supposed to do with it to extract it, and also once i do
extract it im still not sure the best way to burn the .bin file to cd-r so i can play it from a cd. i would even settle for extracting the data from the .bin with win iso or iso buster if thats easyer. in short i need help! so if you know about all this and would be willing to help me with this a bit that would be wicked cool, contact me by icq at 1441229


I’ll post here so others can benefit too:

The BIN/CUE files are CDRWin files. There are also other programs that can handle BIN-files like FireBurner and IsoBuster (this on extracts the contents of the BIN to your harddisk so you can use Nero for example to burn the files). I downloaded the game myself and used CDRWin to burn the image. Just start up CDRWin and go to the write tab. Load your CUE there and set the other options (like BURN-proof, write speeds, etc.).

The “rzr-rtcw.053” files are WinRAR archives. You would normally have one .rar file and then starting from .001 up to .053 in this case. The first file (start of the archive) is the .rar-file. Open this with WinRAR and extract the archives. WinRAR will automatically extract all files. I think you will again get a BIN/CUE file when done.

Note: Sometimes you don’t have a .rar file in which case you open the first numbered file (.001).

Now the .SFV file: this is file used to check the release (CRC-check). Use a program like “SFV Viewer” (check for download) to load this file. All the RAR files (.rar, .001-.053) will now be checked. Corrupted files will be listed.

A tip: do the SFV check before extracting the files so you’ll know you’ll get good (read: uncorrupted) files.

Thanks alot man, that explains it pretty clearly. i was just thrown off by the fact that there was no .rar extension on any of the archive files. and i had no idea what that one sfv file was all about. but with your help i got the thing unziped and have been playing it today. thanx again for your quick and very helpful reply.


Dude, extract with isobuster, then burn with nero! EASY!!!