Help with .bin/.cue files

Good morning All,
I’m new to this forum and burning. I hope this is the proper place to ask for this help. I have a large .bin file(750mb) and the .cue file. I have the new demo version of Nero. I am brand new to nero also. I’m trying to find a way to make my .bin file usable and viewable. I guess to burn an image file.
I’ve went through the nero user manual but cant figure it out. It keep telling me that theres not enough space on the CD-RW. I thought that the .cue file helped reduce the size of the .bin file. If someone could help me or guide me in the right direction, it would be appricated. If anyone knows of any primers to read on this and other helpful things I’m hungry to learn. Thanx, Chaz :iagree:

You could try a 700 MB CD-R (CD-RW usually holds less space) and enable overburn option. If this doesn’t work, you can also use even higher capacity discs, if your writer supports it.

If you just want to know what is in it, there are several programs that will allow you to mount the image as if it was the CD, Virtual CD programs such as daemon tools…or check with a program like IsoBuster, WinIso, WinImage and alike…many information about this is found in our forums.

a 750mb image will fit fine on a 700mb cdr/w as long as burned properly, the bin is always bigger then whats inside of it , run nero the “new compliation” window should popup click “open” and select the .cue file if the “new compliation” window didnt popup then in menu goto recorder>>burn image and select the .cue file you can also do it with nero express click “disc image or saved project” and select the .cue file

There shouldn’t be any problem burning that bin file to a 700mb CD.
I’d recommend that you get DVD Decrypter ( & search) which is excellent for burning all image file types & also for ripping from DVDs.

In Nero:
Recorder > Burn Image File > load .cue file > Burn

If it says it won’t fit, then it won’t fit. :frowning:

Could just be a DVD image. I’ve seen 'em in the mid-to-high 700’s. shrug

no way it wont fit he probably tried to burn it as data cd
a 750mb bin will without a doubt fit to 700mb media as long as burned properly

I just don’t get how to do this. Do I put the .cue file on the same compilation as the .bin file? to be burned? What can I do just to Watch the video on my computer?
The .bin file is 773.mb.

Try the above on a cdr it should fit
to load the cue file just double click it…
Or just mount the cue file in alcohol virtual drive
If its a movie you can change the .bin and .cue to mpeg using vcdgear


  1. Start nero
  2. CANCEL the wizard.
  3. Go to Recorder->Burn Image File
  4. Pick the .cue file (which should be in the same directory as the .bin file).
  5. Hit “go”.

Thanks Gurm, I’ll give that a try. Sorry 4 all the hassle!

i made a bin & cue file burned it with nero and theres no sound (encoded it with dvd2svcd)HELP|"}"??|’;>? :o :o SCART LEAD OUT ON PLAYER WOOOPS