Help with best video format to make DVD

I have done a couple searches and could not find an answer to this issue. What is the best video format for burning to a DVD? I want to make a DVD using Nerovision Express 3 and have 7 different files. Three are Quicktime movies, three are late-version WMV files, and one just says “video clip” in the windows pop-up. Should I just run these as is through Express or convert one or more of them to something specific?

I started a burn with the “video clip” as the first file. It is a 100-minute video clip and Express started to “transcode” it. Express was doing it in realtime - i.e., it was taking one true second for one second of transcoding. I stopped the burn at that point. Would converting it to a different format help?


DVD standard uses
a) Mpeg 1 with specific resolution
b) Mpeg 2 with specific resolution

Quicktime, WMV & miscellaneous fit neither of these 2, and will need to be converted to Mpeg1/2 to be written as a standard playable DVD.

If it’s just a matter of sending to people/storing for use on a PC, just burn them as data files without converting them using recode :wink:

You can also try VOB’s DivxtoDVD, which will likely convert them. (it does more than just avi’s).