Help with BenQ DW 1625

Hi there,

I post here when I get help, and I usually do. So I just want to give a huge thanks in advanced for your kindness.

I bought a new computer, brought over this burner to the new tower put it in and it was rocking. But when I put a blank DVD in to burn something, under ‘My Computer’ I literally watch the drive go from being "DVD-RW DRIVE’ to ‘CD DRIVE’, and when I double click it I get an error saying its not accesible or something like that (If you want I can go back and get the exact error and write it down here)

So anwyays just wondering if you guys can help me solve this problem

I hve my info tool file here:

That is normal for windows to show a DVD drive as a CD Drive.
You cant access a blank disk. There is nothing on therefore you get the not accessible .

Yes but using Nero I cant eveen burn on it. It doesnt recognize the blank DVDs as BLANK DVDs. But on my old PC this same burner would burn quite fine.


your drive is not connected to a native IDE controller, that is part of the chipset, it is connected to a 3rd party PCI controller supporting RAID (Jmicron).
Please read this thread carefully, maybe you find the solution to your problem there:


Oh man I am an idiot. All I had to do was update my Gigabyte Motherboard driver to the latest. Sorry bout that guys.

Once again this place is amazing for help. Thank you thank you