HELP with bended DVD



Hi all,

I bought a CD walet from future shop but after filling it the DVD’s were in to tight and some off them bended due to summer heat … I tried my best putting them strait with some kind of success but I didnt manage to save all the data back … I can read about 80% of the data thats all … I tried to slow the drive down with CD break and nero drive speed but no success …

Does ne1 experienced that kind of problem before?? Does ne1 knows how I could unbended those disc ?? Cause I mean the data is still there and ther is no crack in the data layer …

your help would be really appreciated !




Dude, the disc MELTED. The data layer, even though you straightened out the disc, has been deformed in spots. You’re NEVER getting that data back.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, I feel for you and all. :frowning:


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The disc is not quite straitened yet …so …
I guess … I’m gonna put them in the oven or something … I really need the data …

I’ll let you know how it went …


dont forget to put some cheese and olives on it
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anyway i hope you aint serious,if you think puting the medias at high heat will save em your completly wrong it will just destroy em ,medias dont like high heat


I’m not sure that you should take this post too seriously, I write it at the risk of being laughed at.

In the early days when all you could get was 78rpm records there was a fad of using old records as fruit bowls etc. The way to do this was immerse the record in hot water & then push the centre in. What would some of those be worth now I wonder.

Anyway heat is a way to relieve stress on materials. So if you’re very desparate then you could possibly immerse them in warm/hot water which could potentially allow the media to retain a little of it’s original shape. Tried to put a few caveats in there.

I’d only try this as a very last resort. Got to be safer than the oven.


It won’t HELP. The data area has been skewed. You’re FUCKED.


of course their was a little sarcasm about the oven idea :iagree:
But hot water thats not a bad idea … that i’m gonna try for sure …

That i’m prepared to accept but … i’m gonna try my best to make one perfectly strait … then i’ll admit it !! :sad:


Jesus wept


Whohoo, Jesus wept.
Ahrm, sorry. I just laughed.

Honestly, the data is borked.


This guy would do well working in the managerial dept at princo :slight_smile:


Ya, his data is probably screwed, but who knows. It’s possible (longshot but possible) that the plastic substrate bent, but that’s just a coating, so who knows the lands and pits on the disc still could be there. He already said he was able to read some of the data, at 80% he was obviously reading some data which had been “melted”. If he can somehow manage to get the disc perfectly straight, he could have a slim chance of reading the disc, unless he turns up the oven too high :slight_smile:

I’d put the disc between two perfect flat objects, the top one maybe weighted a bit, turn on the oven for a min, and if he’s reeeeal lucky it may just work.


LMAO!!! :iagree:


Yeah, now this thread becomes really funny.


From an article on how to fix warped CDs…

“Warped CDs can be flattened again by placing them between two pieces of plate glass and pressing them for a long time. Since CDs are made out of plastic, they can warp if they get too hot. First warm the disc to about 100 degrees F. Make sure the disk is clean of any and all debris! Again, use a soft material and clean the disc radially (center -> outside). When the disc is at a warm temperature, place it between the two sheets of plate glass and then weight the glass-disc-glass sandwich with about 10 pounds of books. Make sure that the weight is centered directly above the hole in the CD. Leave it that way for at least 2 or 3 days.”


microwave for 5 seconds is quicker…


Which setting do you use for that. Popcorn, or baked potato. lmao


:bigsmile: better to do it this way

will come out more crispy :slight_smile:


Well you could park your car on them…Nah!

Seriously, I would try what TigerZai suggested. I guess it would be like putting a really heavy phonebook on them.

Maybe the NYC phonebook would work I bet it’s heavy.