Hello friends,
I have the following problem.
I have an LG WP50NB40 SVC CODE: NS50,
I understand that you must have SVC CODE NB40 or NB50.
For this reason I can not update.
When using the update tool it detects WP50NB40 SVC: NS50,
and the tool waits for WP50NB40 SVC: NB50 and therefore does not update.
And he does not read and not record.
For that reason I wanted to update.
The power was cut off when I was recording a blueray, and when the electric current returned, stop reading and can not update.

Any ideas?
A data, I try this with SVC CODE: NS40, is this N1.03-0_BH16NS40_150526_dev_NOBJ.exe and it seems that it would, but I did not want to try.


Do you recommend that you make a copy of the flash with DOSFLASH? or what do you recommend?

Thank you
Sincerely Horace
Sorry For my English, not is my native language

A drive not recognizing any media will not be cured by flashing firmware, especially when that firmware is NOT made for this product!

Thanks my friend!:grinning:

The point is, you can try - what can you lose??
But the chances of ressurrection are nearly zero.

Hi, Horace. I have the same problem but with another device ( [BP50NB40).
It supposed I must have SVC NB40 but I have NS50 like you so can´t update my firmware.
Could you solve the problem?


This can never work! This is different hardware!!

I wasn’t aware the 50/40s are currently being used by anyone. Does this mean there’s a way to flash and dump firmware via the USB ports? Or am I confusing these with the UHD Official 60/10 model?

Why do you think that has anything to do with “usb flashing”??

Sorry I should have asked where would oene find an updater specifically for the BP50NB40 or for the BP60NB10?