Help With Battlefield 1942 Anthology!

I bought the Battlefield 1942 Anthology set for my computer sometime back, well. I just recieved a new laptop for Christmas, and I tried installing it on the laptop, but the first disc is seriously damaged. I’ve already used a disc reparing kit on it, and still it has surpassed the chance of ever getting fixed. Could Someone Please PM if they could help me out by sending me and image of the first disc. Thank You!

That is ilegal!

Sorry, Well, Does anyone else have other suggestions besides buying a new set?

Try and copy the cd and see if that works.

I already have. First of all it’s a protected disk so you have to get passed the safedisk software with Alcohol 120%, but when it’s copied it copies the same bad sections of the disc, and stops at 23% just like it does with the original.

Then you will just have to buy a new copy and not scratch it.

I don’t know who’s the publisher of this game, but I suppose you’ll be offered a replacement CD. Just try to contact the support regarding this matter. You will need to pay only for a media. And also maybe you’ll need to send a damaged CD with a purchase order to the publisher.

That would be EA Games, and a replacement is about £7 I think. And yes you have to send the old disk(s) back.