Help with backing up tv show

hi im new to using dvdfab and was wondering what the best way to fit a dvd9 on one dvd5 is. I dont care about having menus but i would like to have good pic quality.The dvd im tring to back up is the star trek borg collection if that helps. Thanx in advance

For the best picture quality use a DVD9. You can get very good picture quality using a DVD5 if you keep the Quality number above 80% or so; the higher the better. To devote most of the available bits to the content and obtain the highest possible Quality number, take the following steps: In Common Settings–>Write, set Default DVD 5 size to “Custom” using the drop down box and enter 4470 MB. You must use high quality blank media for good results here (Verbatim or TY) Otherwise set to 4464. On the same Common Settings page, select a reasonable write speed (8X or 4X). Put in the original disc and let DVDFab read and recognize it. Select Customize mode and click the No Menus button. Select the titles that you want to copy. For each title, select only one audio stream and one or no subtitles. If you want to change the play order of the titles, use Advanced Title Settings, highlight the title and use the up/down buttons to move it around. Double check the Quality % in the lower left. If it is too low, UNcheck one or two episodes and put them on a second DVD 5. Burn the disc and check the playback quality at the end of the last episode. It will have been written closest to the edge of the disc; if it plays OK, the rest should be fine.

Ok thanx the main problem i was having was getting the episodes in the right order now that i clicked no menu i can move them. After i hit ok in advance setting in the main screen they stay in wrong order is that ok.

Perfectly normal. Watch those Quality numbers. If these are typical 40-45 minute episodes, you should be able to get 3 or 4 on a DVD 5 with excellent results. If you choose to split the episodes onto another DVD 5, reset the default DVD 5 size to 4464 or whatever you had it set for before.