Help with backing up my Xbox 360 games

First off… I would like to know if its worthwhile to backup the games? How long does it take to rip the games? I already read the stuff after ripping the games & understand it completely. I’m wondering if its worth the hassel to backup games or be happy downloading it elsewhere? I may have cable but even downloading the games still takes some time. Secondly, can you use a Benq drive & updated with a Samsung firmware so that it can be recognized as a qualified ripping game drive? I heard that Benq drives are the best for upgrading firmware because it can be reflashed many times over til you get it right. I’m ready to go through with backing up my games but just want to make sure that it can be done with the option I had proposed to you guys. Lastly, if it can only be done with a Samsung drive then which drive model is the best for the job? Thanks for the help everyone…:slight_smile:

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