Help with backing up blu-ray

I made two blu-ray backups the other day one of Dark Knight and the other was Wanted. These were fairly easy as all I had to do was rip disc to hard drive using anydvd hd and burned the bdmv and certificate folders to a BD disc using image burn. Both play on my ps3 flawlessly. My problem is I have 2 older blu-ray disc. One is Knight’s tale and the other Xmen3. When I rip the disc to my hdd I noticed that the certificate folder is empty for both disc rips only the BDMV contains files. The original disc also have an aacs folder in them as well. That does not get transferred during the rip process. Acutally anydvd hd when activated has the aacs folder labeled as any. The first two disc I burned contain certificate folders with files in them. How do I make a back up of the older disc to play on my ps3 if only the BDMV folder has files in it and the certificate folder does not. When I did a test burn the other night I tried just burning the disc with out the certificate folder because IMGburn is supposed to add the certificate folder automatically. But when I burnt the disc IMGburn did add an certificate folder but there were no files in it and the ps3 would not play the disc. so I had to reburn the disc while adding the orginal certificate folder from my rip. How do I get these older blu-ray disc to play on my ps3 when I back them up when the certifcate folder is empty and the aacs folder does not get transferred during the rip process?

Strange, when you only drag BDMV folder, ImgBurn supposed to automatically create a “good” Certificate folder and I’ve tried that before many times without problem.

When I made my back up of Wanted the first burn I just added the BDMV folder and burned it like that. A certificate folder was added but there was no info in it, so my ps3 did not play it. After I added the original certificate on my second try it played fine. So now I am stuck as to how to burn these older disc when the original certificate folder is empty to begin with and IMGburn is not adding the correct files.