Help with azureus!



Hi all, I’m having trouble with the Bittorrrent client, Azureus.

I have downloaded a movie file with it, and as i was looking through the options, i came across “Move file to specified location when completed:” and i thought, hey, cool, i can go straight to it when its done. but when it finally finished, it didnt go to the completed folder, and it disappeared from the folder full of torrents. The only trace of it I can find is on the azureus client, in the seeding column. I looked at the details, and it said that the .avi file was in the completed folder!!! i searched my entire computer for it, and only found shortcuts, THAT LEAD TO THE COMPLETED FOLDER. is my computer being stupid? Or did it hang in between going from torrents to completed?

please, someone help me! i really wanna watch this movie! and if it happens to one of my other files im also downloading, ILL BE MAD :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:


Have you done a search on your computer for .avi files? Just go
Start > Seach > Hard Discs > *.avi
When it’s done, sort by size and hopefully your movie should be at the top. If it isn’t there, then it’s been deleted somehow. Maybe the MPAA are on to you :wink:


actually, i was searching manually, for anything that looked like it might be it. and i went into C:/ then i saw something that should be there. Document and Settings folder. Which should be Documents and settings. but then right beside it, was the real folder. i thought, o… i must have misspelled something in the options tab, and it created a whole new section of folders.

anyway, i found my movies, thanks anyway :smiley:


The move to specified location will move the file FROM the completed folder TO the specified folder. You have to specify where it should go or it will go to the default location.