Help with AVI2DVD

hi all i used your advice in the Gunides and Tutoridls part under DviX to DVDi downloaded all the right stuff to make it work but after the CCE_Video_Information_File.vaf file finshs i get some erorr message pop up saying

(cce encodeing failed: Video check sum is different from that of previous pass.
Source video data or time code maybe different
Please check video tape or the information file
Please check video tape or the information file

Current: check sum = 012fcbb2
Previous: chech sum = 0128cbe0 )

i have set up the software to make a dvd right the same way as here

can anyone plz help


I just posted exact same thing mate…god knows why its doing it, only just started doing it lately.

init same here i have been fine doing other avi files but now it’s just started doing this.

this sometimes happens to me but i find restarting my computer just before converting helps…

I also find TMPGenc alot more reliable then AVI2DVD but TMPGenc isn’t free :a

yea good man it work thanx bud

As I mentioned in the other post, there is a CRC patch for CCE to fix that problem. Get it from 's Q&A (I think its in Q27) in the DVD2SVCD forum.

Originally posted by kaybing27
…but TMPGenc isn’t free :a

Neither is CCE (hence watermark) and I personally perfer TMPGEnc Plus as encoder rather than CCE becuase of “feature mentioned above”.
Maybe I should post an alternativte guide for converting if there’s an interest…