Help with audio CD backup using EAC

I made a backup of my audio CD, resulting in a single big wave file and a cue file.

How do I burn this as an audio CDR using Nero, can anybody tell me which menu/tool in Nero to use, please?

Just stick the .wav file onto the CD you want to burn with Nero, after selecting the ‘audio CD’ profile.

open nero burning rom and click on recorder on the menu then click burn img point the program to where you have the wave and cue file located on your hd and the rest is self explanatory

If you ripped the CD with EAC, you can also use EAC to burn the copy.

Thanks, all of you!
I tried all the 3 methods: Nero (both “burn img” and “Audio Disc + drag wave over”) and EAC. Everything worked out.