Help with ASUS 52

I have ASUS 5224A, Everytime i try to burn a cd with it it gets to 3-5 % then a blue screen of death shows up.
i tried it with different PCz and Different version of windows anyone have anyidea about this problem

Thanx in Advance

Is this with all burning software, or just one particular one?

BSOD’s often have crucial information of why it did it. A XP BSOD has got a stop code. They call it a “stop” code because Windows literally stops, and an error code is generated.

An error code usually looks like e.g

0x000000a -or- 0x00000052 or something. Could you tell us the code and possibly, the program which caused it(sometimes near the bottom of the screen).

If you fail to do that, take a look at your event viewer.(I think you can access it by going start, run, and type in eventvwr.msc). Then see if you can find an error around about the time when the BSOD came. That might give you some indication of what went wrong.

Good Luck!:slight_smile:

need more info

what burning software?
happens if you try to burn data or audio or game cd?
burner firmware?

also check Dr Watson log, maybe a bad call in memory???

What O/S have you tried this on, you said you tried on diff O/S?
Ha sthe burner always done this or recently, is it a recent purchase or have youhad this for a while?

Yes, a good chance that it is a bad call in the memory.