Help with AnyDVD backups please

Hey guys and girls dont want to discriminate in my first post :slight_smile:

Ive been backing up films for some time now using ANY DVD and DVD SHRINK with DVD region CSS also

never have a problem and all my films backup

I tried to back up a new film i purchased and it said invalid vaigation structure. i researched on the net and it said the latest version of ANYDVD would bypass the discs encryption (settec - alpha DVD)

So i installed this onto my laptop
it backup the disc as with all the other films ive backued up, here comes the problem

i took the DVD copy out and tried to play it on my DVD player brand new HDD DVD player and it froze the machine

i took it out and tried it on my PC and again froze my pc and wouldnt play

However while in my PC in the E drive where the disk was it said the title of the film, so i explored the disk where i could play the film by licking on the relevant files.

Can anyone help as i want to watch it properly on my DVD player.

Apologies if this is a trivial question. :bow:

@GarethandJohn: I’ll transfer this to the AnyDVD support forum we have here…

I have found some forms of encryption that were dealt with in AnyDVD but Shrink would not deal with. I would have to guess that you have hit the same thing. My solution has been to use CloneDVD. As things get more complex and Shrink gets older and older, it would probably be well worth the money.

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Give CloneDVD2 a try, you have nothing to lose, it has a 21 day free trial.:clap:

Surprised no one asked:
What is the movie you are having trouble with?