Help With Anydvd and Nero

Hi Folks,

First post on the forum so please be gentle!

Is there a tutorial on this forum showing how best to use Anydvd with Nero 6 (full, with Recode 2 etc)?

Although I have “jump to main movie” ticked in Anydvd I alway’s end up with the whole movie!

Thank you in advance for any help.

Thanks for the Help NOT.

SVP are tops for media.

Im outta here.

i answered this exact question a few days ago. while you were waiting for an answer you could have tried a search! this isn’t an isntant chat forum. …most questions DO get answered eventually. looks like yours just got lost last week. a simple bump to the top would have been sufficient. no need for the attitude.

for example if you had searched “jump to main movie” you would have found this thread that answered your question.

also as far as how ot use anydvd with anything…there’s nothing to it.

anydvd runs in the background so the answer to how ot use anydvd with [insert program here] is to simple just use the program how you normally would and ignore the fact that anydvd is running at all.

Awww, that’s a shame, didn’t anyone know the answer to this question? I don’t use Recode, so I have no idea. Now we’ve lost a member. :frowning:

Jump to main movie is only an option for playback (on powerdvd etc) not for backup software.

No my friend the forum hasn’t lost a member.

It’s notable that my attitude had gotten an almost immediate response but my justified question went ignored. As a knowledgeable member of a different forum (and different subject) I tend to be very quick in my replies to questions that are asked, especially to new nervous people who are afraid of asking a question that most people know the answer but don’t wish to look dumb!!

I had done various searches before making the above post but unfortunately not the right one!!

Thank you reasonsnotrules for your help and I apologise for my attitude :wink:


The Kiwi.

I never use “Jump to main movie” either, I only check my backups on the computer, I watch them on my DVD player and TV. :slight_smile:

Your attitude isn’t what got you the response. I clicked this thread because I saw it at the top of the forum. the thread was simply missed the first time around…apparently by everyone. It happens sometimes. by posting in this thread you bumped it back to the top of the forum so people once again took notice of it.

so your attitude isn’t what garnered a response, it was the fact that the thread was once again live. In fact, after seeing your second post I debated whether to be nice and even answer this thread or not. Normally I don’t help out when people cop an attitude. It’s very rude especially in a forum where people are donating their time and expertise to help. you are not ENTITLED to anything on here…we’re all being nice by hanging around and answering questions. It’s not like we get paid for this or anything.

so apology accepted. don’t take the positive response in this thread as affirmation that rudeness gets you answers because in the future it certainly won’t.