Help with any dvd and blu ray

I have a question about the settings in any dvd under blu ray lets say i have a disc that is on a 25 single layer disc in it has bd live on it if i want to make a exact copy i want to rip to image now under settings do i leave bd live checked or unchecked i will later burn with img burn and i want to be able to play on the ps3 thanks with any help you guys can provide

I’m pretty sure the BD-Live option is for when you are playing the Bluray on your PC, if you are creating an ISO of the Bluray, you only need to make sure not to keep the protection…

ok great thanks i always get confused with the check mark thingy so leaving it check means to leave protection and uncheck means to disable protection i have already made one successful backup i just left it unchecked in it worked on my ps3