Help with AMD system

Hi All

I was thinking about buying myself an AMD system, i was looking at getting myself a X2 4800+ CPU but im not sure what AMD board to get, i want to use it for big applications such as 3D rendering etc.

Any advice would be appreciated.


if you’re serious about getting that processor, than i would probably recommend the Asus A8N 32-SLI-Deluxe motherboard. Retails for around 250$US.

Well i was thinking about getting the PentiumD 955 Extreme but not even that CPU compares to AMD’s 4800+ and its R3000 more expensive.

What kind of video card do you want to use? A PCI-e card? Or perhaps some SLI setup? Also, how much memory will you be needing?

For CPU intensive tasks like rendering and encoding, the X2’s kick ass. You can do 2 jobs at once, or one job while you multitask. Try that with a P4. :disagree:

Thinking of upgrading each PC with a minimum 1gig of memory, and 7800GTX cards all round ;).

Eh… it may be just me, but you kind of have me lost… what is it you want exactly? Do you want advice on what system to buy… or advice on upgrades? Or perhaps something else?

Well, im trying to put together a very fast PC. Currently AMD leads AMD performance wise so i thought i’d ask for advice on which motherboards/CPU’s etc to get since ive never really had an AMD system. So yes, im building up a new system from scratch.

any of the ASUS A8N boards are awesome, so is the DFI board. get at least 2 gigs of memory if you’re going for that fast of a system also. wish i could afford the 4800+ i only have a little 3800+ =( still way faster for multitasking

Check my sig below - The 4400, 4600, and 4800’s are Toledo Cores and run 2x1Mb L2. The 4600 and 4800 run the exact same clock, same SOI, same stepping revision - and perform almost on par with each other - but the 4800 costs much more.(there is however a Manchester core 4600 2x512K L2, but they are becoming rare) I went with the 4400 because again its the same revision chip with the same specs, it just runs at a lower clockspeed and costs much less.

Thanks pullushon, i’ll checkout the pricing difference for the 4600, if the i can save a bit extra and those two CPU’s are on par i’ll go with the 4600. I could use the extra money for something else ;). Perhaps increase the ram to 2gigs like Kenrin suggests.

I meant to add to the 4400 reasoning: I actually have clocked it to 2.4 so technically it is a 4600 - clocked easily and had no bearing on Temps whatsoever - the savings allowed me to go for the 7800GTX’s in SLI.

I did about 3 months of reasearch on this and am currently in the middle of what I believe will be a fast stable build at a good price point.
Athalon Manchester dual core 64X2 3800+
MSI K8n NEO4 SLI-FI (sound blaster on card)
Kingston value ram 1GB cas 2.5
GeForce 6800GT
2 Seagate Barracuda 7200.8 200GB raid-0
Mitsumi 7 in 1 floppy/reader
Antec Sonata II (come with power)
Will let you know how it comes out.

I don’t want to start any flame wars - but if you want my friendly opinion and advice, get an Intel Pentium 4, if your use is mostly/strictly 3D rendering.

If you still insist on the AMD system, I would recommend an ASUS A8VE Deluxe, which is a PCI Express board. In terms of stability, I think ASUS is a good brand to consider… Abit, ASUS, Gigabyte, I would not get any other brand.

Providing the rendering application supports this right ?

I have done quite some rendering and 3D and video transcoding/editing and have gotten far better perofrmance out of the latest Pentium4 processor than an AMD and yes I use both (2 PCs). 1 strictly dedicated to video editing.

Err… I think you do coz your talking from your behind…Whether or not an app supports Dual Core is irrelevent. You will see an improvement in overall performance especially multitasking - AMD is cheaper, cooler and outperforms all Intel ‘on par’ rivals with ease - especially 3D Rendering.

The boards you quoted above are very good brands but you missed a few: Asrock is a budget ASUS made by ASUS quality on par with ASUS.(now that the Northbridge incident is over) DFI is an excellent quality brand also - MSI rock sold stability and performance - Foxconn I’ve heard nothing bad about yet either.

You say you’e compared the ‘latest’ P4 Intel offering with an AMD - what AMD? A K6-II 500? Even Intel Fanboi’s cant deny Intel need to pull a fast recovery on the 64/Dual Core stakes - and believe me this is coming from an ex Intel Fanboi.

Cmon Greg, Slussh needs accurate advice and whilst I’m sure your keen to assist your inexperienced Intel bias is blinding you to cold current fact.

Amen :bow: :bow: :bow:
my 4200+ runs faster an 4800+ ,rock solid
my advice:get ocz or corsair ram and a zalman cooler (7700 or 9500)

i’m going to agree and say that you should steer clear of intel chips. Not only will you experience better performance with 3d rendering using an AMD, but AMD will also have better performance if you decide you want to overclock. Intel chips run extremely hot, and you will end up spending more to keep it cool than you would pay for a McLaren F1.

best bang for the buck is still a single core amd64 at lowest price OC’d to 275-290
with premium cas 2.5 ram running at 250 membus(2x256 sticks) and a damn good heatsink

now if I had caught the dual core opteron at 270$ i might think differently
with multithreaded apps