Help with Alice backup

Ok, i know im not doing something right here. I have read tons and tons on this subjuect. and still cant get it done. I have Alice (game by EA). I need to make a back up of it. It have safedisc 2.05.?? i cant remember the rest, but i have alcohol 120, and a sohw 1633 dvd burner. Is there anyone that can help me… Thanks

Use the SafeDisc profile, 8x read, 8x write. Use the latest version of A120.

i have done all that, and it just gives me a bunch of read errors.

That´s normal

read-errors are part of the safedisc protection, just let 'em pass through…
make sure to read & write not faster than 8x… that’s it… :wink:

does it take like forever? Also, i am useing safdisc 2/3 in A120, this is correct right?

Thanks again everyone…I am a Noob as u can tell…

Yes with certain drives and no with others.

Use the standard Safedisc profile (not 2/3) with your SOHW1633

Thanks everyone, i got it now. It did take a long time… But hey it works now… Now im off to learn about the best solution for backing up dvds…Later all.