HELP! with alcohol120% its real slow



Hey i need help with alcohol120% wen i am making an image file it only goes at 0.1X and it takes it about 30 minutes too do 2 percent can some 1 help i have a benQ lightscribe dvd/ cd burner. ill try and find out other stuff about it


and im trying to back up the sims house party


The sims is renound for its copy protection, and it is very hard to get around (usually) anyway the sims house party protection is SafeDisc V2, so go recording --> data type --> disc type, then change to SafeDisc 2/3 then try recording. Oh yeah and theres another thread about this if you want to read it. You should try searching the forums.


thx for that but now i need help with burning it just comes up with the screen afterward that says Alcohol120% - waiting for disk

and its got the name of my dvd burner and next to that it says empty disc (dvd)
and it just stays there


please one topic is all that is requierd i have answerd your other topic you started.