Help with Alcohol image please

Hi all,

I have made an image with Alcohol ( general protect cd ) it was a TOFL cd. it had a few errors while copying but gave me a working image. clony found no copy protection just defective sectors.

when i mount the image in alcohol’s virtual drive with nothing emulated it works fine.

When i burn it to cd i get “system error cdrom disk corrupted” operation aborted, when trying to load from the cd drive.

this is baffling me, i have burnt it to a couple of cds including re writables and still the same error.

when i boot it from virtual drive it functions perfectly… how come ??

any help would be apreciated, to keep the image on hard drive is ok but i would like to burn a copy back to cd working.

tinku :slight_smile:

What speed did you burn at? What is your burner?

my burner is an LG GCE8520B and i burnt the disks a 8x as this is the slowest my drive will do, onto tdk cdr-80s also tried on to hp re writables.


do you have any problems with other writing software and that drive ??

Well I had problems with version 6 of Nero that I used on trial but now use the bundled version 5 that came with the drive and have no problems. other software that i have tried is ok

Ahh I just tried something different when burning the image back to cd using Alcohol… I enabled “Rectify subchannel data” and now the cd boots without errors.
this option is not automaticaly checked when writing back to cd from an image using the general protectedcd datatype.

should this make a difference ??


tinku :slight_smile: