Help with adding a contact to MSN Messenger with a mobile phone

I have recently purchased a cell phone and I wanted to configure my mobile settings to my MSN Messenger. I have signed up to MSN mobile and I seem to be able to send and receive text messages. However, my sister told me that my nickname never turns yellow (as its supposed to when ur offline but mobile), so she cannot send me text messages. She is only able to send me messages while I initiate the conversation first.

I have researched the topic in Google and even emailed MSN support, but at no avail.

Can anyone please tell me how can I send messages to my cell using MSN.

Help would be great. :wink:

Ok, I’m gonna follow-up to my initial post cuz I found out that other ppl in my contact list on MSN see me as yellow (mobile) and can send me text messages when I go offline. This is good.
But does anyone know why I can’t see myself as yellow when I use another MSN account from my comp. Like when my sister uses her MSN from the same comp, she added me, but shes not able to send me SMS, cuz my nick is always red (offline) and the option to send messages to my mobile device is not present. :(.
Why my nick won’t change to yellow?

Help would be gr8.